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We're thrilled to share with you the wonderful comments we receive from our customers! Their comments show how much we care that their special day is what they want it to be.

Our event consultations offer the guidance and support you need. And whether it's day of coordination services, shopping help, planning, decorating, or pre-wedding gown cleaning and/or cleaning & preservation services after the wedding, this IS the best place to start the plans for YOUR wedding or special event.

Let us be your "personal concierge" for the day, so that you can totally enjoy YOUR event, too!

Our customers are our BEST references, and we thank them for being kind enough to share their comments!

6/8/15 from Ashley, Syracuse: "I wanted to say thank you for making our wedding day so beautiful! We had an amazing time and I hope we can still chat now that the wedding is over!" (Our note: from clients to friends, gotta love it!)

11/23/14 from Cheryl E. upon finding gowns for both herself and her mom: "Thank you so much, Linda. My mother and I are both very pleased with our purchases. Love your place! You have a beautiful layout and home for everything you are selling. I will definitely get in touch with. May see you again for invitations!!"

11/6/14: From Stephanie C., regarding her gown cleaning & preservation service: "Yes .. it is my gown and it looks great."

8/3/14: A special thank you to our incredible event coordinator Linda Ruckdeschel with The Bridal Connection. If you have an event or function to plan, you would be CRAZY not to hire her. She really took the event to the next level for us!!! Anthony Nappa @ Saving Face Barbershop, Camillus

5/21/14: I came into your shop for some wedding accessories several years ago. You also cleaned my dress for storage, and did a wonderful job. Valerie, Syracuse.

5/16/14: From a client whose annual fundraising event we're working on now: Thanks for everything, Linda. You've been amazing so far. I can't thank you enough. Anthony, Syracuse.

4/7/14: Thank you for helping us with the invitations [and for printing them yourself in the studio to save us some time and money] ....Gloria & Howard, Syracuse.

3/29/14: Thank you for helping me get my dress ordered for my friend's wedding in Buffalo this Fall. Michele, Syracuse.

2/20/14: Thanks for helping me get the dress of my dreams for less. You saved me almost $100! It came in when you promised, and it's everything I expected it to be. Heather, Syracuse.

11/20/13: I can't believe you got all that orange spray-tan product off my wedding dress. I'm glad I brought my gown to you to have it cleaned and preserved. You did a great job. And thanks for the great pricing on our favors. Your help these last few months was very much appreciated. You were there to answer all my questions. Sherry M., Syracuse.

5/3/13: Thank you for inviting us to the Open House. We appreciate your showing us the many ideas that you have to help with our wedding planning. We really appreciate how much you put in everything you do. The gift bags and favors were absolutely adorable. We admire your thoughtfulness and creativity. Tia & Gerrit, Syracuse.

12/15/12: I just wanted to let you know I got my [cleaned & preserved] dress back on Thursday night. It looks absolutely beautiful and I love the way it's packaged. I am very happy with the work and wish I could see all of it but I know you were great and I really appreciate it. Hope to send some people your way! Thanks again! Becky

11/8/12: You did such a great job on cleaning my gown and bringing it back to beautiful again. Thanks, Veronica.

9/5/12: I know my gown will be in great hands for its cleaning and preservation. And thank you for all your help with selecting my beautiful wedding dress, too. Shawn, Syracuse.

3/26/12: You really were a big part of my wedding preparations and the day was fantastic as a result. I have definitely referred people to you over the years. Best wishes, Traevena B.

5/30/11: Thank you for working on the gown so diligently. I am glad it looks good again. Yes, we took tons of pictures on the beach and were in the sand for quite a while jumping and running around. Sorry that it was such a mess ! Laura in Sylvan Beach, NY

5/10/11: Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I could not have pulled off the event without you! Thank you for all of your planning, patience, organization, advice & moral support! YOU made a huge difference! The room looked absolutely beautiful! I got many compliments on the centerpieces, as well as the way you set up the dessert & appetizer tables! Your creative flare was much appreciated! Everyone was impressed with the way the room was transformed. And the homemade cookies were delicious and a big hit! My out of town guests were surprised by the hospitality bags & thought they were a nice touch! I was completely thrilled with the outcome! Even my very fussy group of guests were impressed with all of your work! Thank you again so much for all of you input & hard work in putting this celebration together! I would gladly give a recommendation to any of your future customers & wish you the best of luck with all of your future functions. You were great to work with and if we have any other up coming events I will definitely keep you in mind! Thank you so much! Jennifer H., Liverpool.

4/22/11: It was very nice meeting you and I greatly appreciate all the help you provided to me. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of your boutique, and will definitely keep in touch with you and most likely set up another appointment. Thank you again for your attentiveness and advice. I'm glad that I started my search with someone so nice and helpful! I will be in touch. Lisa D., Syracuse

4/4/11: Hey, Linda: Cindy, the seamstress was great. Thank you for referring us to her. And thank you for all of your help. It was nice to meet you and great to work with you. Thank you for your patience; by the time we found you, I had none left! Thanks Again, Sue

4/1/11: When you got done with the hand-crocheted christening gown we brought you, it was almost white again, with no brown marks, and gift-boxed, too !! Thanks, Donna.

3/26/11: from Sue, a bride-to-be in Syracuse: Awww, thanks Linda! You have been very helpful and great to work with! (We arranged a meeting in the community with one of the bridesmaids to pick up the entire order..saving everyone time and travel!)

3/5/11: Three years ago you did an outstanding job cleaning and preserving my daughter's wedding gown. I am looking to have the crocheted christening gown she wore as a baby cleaned for her child's christening in May. I am hoping this is something that you can do. The gown was hand-crocheted by my mother 29 years ago. I did not have it preserved then, but rather cleaned it and wrapped it in tissue paper and stored it in a box in a closet. It now has some light brown marks on the yarn. Because of sentimental reasons, I don't want to trust it to any cleaners for fear it will be ruined. I realize that with any vintage garment there are no guarantees, but because of the great work and superb treatment we received with the wedding gown, I thought I would reach out to you. Donna, Cazenovia.

1/22/11: I'm relieved to finally have my dress in good hands! Julia, Syracuse

1/21/11: Hello Linda, Yes I did receive the dress a few weeks ago. I picked it up at a local UPS warehouse. It came out beautiful. Thank you soooo much! I loved it. I will refer all my friends. I love the box --- it is sooooo cute. Thanks again! Danielle, Syracuse.

1/4/11: For some reason, we bonded with all this wedding stuff last year and formed a friendship that I hope lasts forever. We may never meet in person but I don't care. You are a dear friend, and I will always check with you before I go anywhere else when I need things. Your service was wonderful! Love, Janet in Michigan.

12/30/10: Hi Linda, I received my (preserved)dress the other day, and it's beautiful! It looks awesome in the box. Thanks again for all your hard work to make my dress beautiful again! Susan, Union Springs, NY

8/10/10: My Mom and I are very excited ... we both now have dresses for the wedding. Thanks for making the process fun and stress-free! Jennifer, Watertown, NY.

11/3/09: My order arrived today, and everything looks great.... thank you for the excellent customer service and people care you give...I feel like we'll be friends long after the wedding passes. Janet

9/21/09 from Nakisha in Syracuse: Hi, Linda: I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful time yesterday. I was pretty depressed about the dress process, but after leaving, I feel pretty good knowing that you cover all the bases of a wedding! I was so excited that my fiance, Will, wants to meet with you so we can discuss other details of our wedding, mainly the reception area!!! We will be calling you to set an appointment to meet with you together. Thanks again.

8/11/09 from Janet in Michigan: I want to thank you very much for all the help you have given since my initial call. Your customer service skills are absolutely wonderful! You ARE to be commended! Thanks again!

3/21/09 from Marie in Syracuse: Hi Linda:I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for taking the time out to meet with us today and show us around. You truly have an amazing operation. We look forward to working with you.

2/22/09: From Okia in Cheektowaga: thank you for getting me my dress, and for all the effort you went to, so that I could get it in time for my event next week. I appreciate all that you did for me.

2/18/09: Thank you for the fine service you extended in sending us a headpiece. My wife and I are renewing our vows after 40 years of marriage ... the piece arrived quickly and in fine shape. My wife loves it! Tom, W. Virginia.

11/2/08: When UPS accidentally punctured a gown preservation box in transit, our customer was very upset, and who can blame her? (The gown was not damaged, thankfully. ) Her mom wrote us this when the dress was returned and repacked properly: I really do appreciate all of your attention to this. My daughter freaks out easily, but your keeping in touch with her calmed her down tremendously. I will definitely sing your praises to any mom looking to preserve her daughter's gown. I can't thank you enough for the great customer service you provided. ... Donna F., Syracuse.

7/30/08:I can't thank you enough for everything you did. I much appreciate it. Cheryl M., E. Syracuse, NY

7/18/08: I wanted to say thank you again for all your help, and advice. Without that I don't know if I would have remembered half of what I need to take care of. The one on one attention is just what a bride needs, and more especially, when it comes down to the most important element, her dress. I would recommend The Bridal Connection to everyone who wants a break from the overbearing sales associates at some of the larger bridal stores. Thank you so much and I will spread the word for The Bridal Connection---one stop shopping. /Shanika M., now in Harrisburg, PA.

4/14/08: How lucky that you noticed the holes in the veil I bought elsewhere before my wedding got any closer! I found a much nicer one in your shop, for less. You made my week !! Iris P., Liverpool, NY

4/1/08: Thanks so much for all your help; I have really enjoyed working with you! Cheryl, Fayetteville, NY

2/8/08: Thank you for all your help with our bridal orders. The gowns and fur muffs were beautiful. Diane B. Mexico, NY

9/24/07: My dress arrived on Friday. Thank you for going out of your way to help me get the Landa dress I wanted, and on time, too. April D., Fairport, NY.

8/22/07: Thank you so much for helping to make my wedding day so beautiful and special. Your help and support is greatly appreciated. Michele & Kevin F., Syracuse.

8/11/07: Thank you (and your helpers) for all your hard work and the fabulous job you all did in decorating our reception room! We walked in Friday nite [before the wedding on Saturday], and I just cried. It was really beautiful. What a great job! I don't remember much from the reception, except that our guests loved the decorations! We'll be sure to recommend you to friends!! Tracey & Jay, Central Square NY

7/31/07: Hi Linda: Thanks for the info and all your help in planning the wedding. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I know who will be getting married. .... Anne, Baldwinsville NY

7/10/07: Hi Linda: I don't know if you remember me, but I was the very upset mother of the bride whose other daughter was maid of honor. And the people who we ordered the dress from down here (in North Carolina) lost the [original] dress. And I was calling looking for a dress [with only a very few weeks until the wedding] and you helped me out with another dress. Well, I just wanted to let you know how much you helped me out - not only calming me down at some very upsetting times, but also the dress you shipped came early enough - I had enough time to take it to her at college and make sure it was going to fit & it fit perfectly. You were great help and I just wanted to say thank you. Sincerely, Lori Livingston, North Carolina

6/10/07: Thank you for all your hard work in coordinating our daughter's wedding this weekend. From the ceremony to the end of the reception, everything flowed so smoothly. We received so many nice compliments all night long. Mr. & Mrs. G., Parish, NY.

5/7/07: Linda - The Oblique skirt arrived today. It is just as I requested and it fits!! I am so pleased with your service to me. Thank you so much. I'll be glad to recommend you to my friends and family. Nancy G. in MD.

4/8/07 from Michele in Syracuse: I wanted to say thank you for helping me select the perfect dress for my son's wedding. The wedding was March 24, and everything went perfectly.... and [the seamstress,Cindy] did a wonderful job shortening the dress. I appreciate your help and will heartily recommend you to anyone who is planning a wedding or special event.

3/31/07: From Stacey in Pensacola: The [bridesmaid] dress is great! I think it's beautiful! It's a little too big (thank goodness!) but I've already been in touch with a seamstress so no worries. Thank you for your flawless service. It's been a pleasure working with you.

2/18/07, from Tracey & Jay, Syracuse: Hi Linda, We love the invitations, they are beautiful and the thank you notes too!!

11/06/06: I just wanted to let you know that I got the dress back on 10/28. That was much sooner than I thought. The dress looks beautiful from what I can see. Thank you for all the work you did on it. Jessica S., Syracuse.

10/10/06: Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you that the wedding went fabulously! We had an amazing time and a lot of that was certainly due to you. Trista F., Syracuse.

10/6/06: I wanted to thank you for keeping my wedding dress for so long. i really appreciate it. I cannot tell you how much i love that dress!!! I showed it to my dad and he cried, which made me cry. We are looking at june 9th of next year for the wedding. I will be in before then for some things, but I'm waiting till the date gets closer. I showed my aunt the pictures of that flower girl dress and she loved it. Her daughter (my cousin) is going to be our flower girl, so hopefully you will have that dress still next year. I will keep in touch with you. I just wanted to say thank you again for everything that you have done for me. Sara, Union Springs

10/6/06: Thank you so much for all that did [for our planning and shopping work] to make our day complete. It was such a special day, and we thank you for all your hard work. Marcus & Jessica, Syracuse.

10/2/06: (This note came after we let the bride know how much improvement we were able to make in her gown pre-cleaning services; it was two years after the wedding, and she had some AWFUL stains in it! Gone are the yellow streaks, as well the carmel rum-pink stains!!) Wow, Linda...that is great news!! I cannot wait to see the dress. I want to thank you so much for bringing it close to its original beauty. I will let you know as soon as I get it and I will be sure to recommend your services to others! Thanks again! Heather D., Syracuse

9/25/06: Linda, I wanted to let you know I received my gown back, all clean and preserved, and it looks great. Thank you very much for everything. Kerry P., Syracuse.

8/12/06: Thank you for the wonderful job you and your folks did decorating for our daughter's wedding, and for keeping everything running smoothly that day. The decorations were beautiful! Sandy and John, Oswego.

8/8/06: (For a preservation service) ... Thanks for checking back. I actually got my gown back sometime ago, and it looks great. I was definitely happy with the service. Lisa G., Syracuse.

5/12/06: Thanks much for making sure everything went smoothly for our wedding and reception, and especially for the special music piece in honor of my late father that might have gone overlooked if you were not there. And thanks, too, for getting everything back to the house so we could go on to another event that night! Renee and Jim.

4/14/06, from Julie in Houston, TX.: the dress came today and fits her (my daughter) perfectly!! It is the perfect dress-thanks for all that you did! Awesome! (This was a 2-day rush order that we were glad to be able to take care of for Julie!)

3/9/06, from Hazel whose wedding was in the Honduras: The apple-colored bridesmaids gowns from Roberta were beautiful and we got so many complements! Thanks so much for your help finding and ordering our bridesmaids dresses!!!
Best regards.

3/2/06, from Debbie H. in Lake Worth, FL.
Linda: Received (communion) veil this afternoon and it is absolutely gorgeous! It's exactly what I wanted for my daughter and she is thrilled! Thank you so much for your courtesy and professionalism. Will certainly pass on your card should someone need it.

2/20/06: from Nancy J. in Syracuse: Dear Linda, Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did on cleaning and preserving my wedding dress. I received it by mail a few weeks ago and am just getting around to writing. It looks gorgeous. I think I told you that it was a re-make of my mother's dress from the 40's and it is very special to me. My oldest niece wants to wear the dress as well. She is coming from Baltimore for St. Paddy's Day. I can't wait to show it to her!! You did a terrific job, and obviously truly care about what you do. God Bless you. Best wishes, Nancy.

2/13/06: from Danielle in Ohio -- My parents, Mike and Carol, gave you my wedding dress to
preserve/clean, etc. It arrived last week and I wanted to thank you for all of your help! I appreciated the e-mails I received from you. You were quick, thorough and courteous. I will highly recommend your store to others in the future! Have a wonderful day and thanks so much again!

11/6/05: from Dawn in Syracuse, NY: I spent hours running all over looking for a simple pearl set for my flower girl; it was right here all the time! Thanks for all your help in getting our bridal party order together in such a short time.

10/26/05: From Stephanie in Syracuse, NY: I always recommend you to people I hear of needing wedding help. You were a god-send to me, allowing payments on the dress. I couldn't find anybody else in the Syracuse area who allowed such a thing, and with my size I couldn't go to a second hand store and find a pretty dress easily. I'll never forget about your business.

5/29/05: My mud-soaked organza gown came in the day after the wedding; today you can't even tell it was worn! From Renee .. now living in Fla.

5/9/05: "I can't believe I found my dress here on my first visit. It was because you listened to me, thank you. And I got practically everything I needed for under $700!" Charlene R., Syracuse.

4/28/05: What a fabulous job you did on cleaning my bridal gown! The hem was full of mud and dirt from the very rainy wedding day we had! It's really beautiful again. Signed/Nora B., Syracuse.

4/23/05: I want to thank you again for making my Grandaughter Kayla's Senior Ball a night she won't forget!!! You really went above and beyond to get the dress she wanted. She and her mother came over after they picked up her dress from you, and she tried it on for me. She looked absolutely beautiful!!!!!. I have been telling everyone I know all about you, and what have done for us. You are an outstanding person to have gone thru all that trouble for my grandaughter. I have never seen her more happy. I plan on taking pictures of her the night of the ball, and I will be sure to send you one. The Ball is May 13. Signed/Kathy Tarbell, Syracuse. (Kayla wanted a very specific dress, and as we tried to find it for her, we discovered there were only 26 pieces made for the entire U.S.! We found one of the very last ones in this design for her in Tacoma, Wa., and the store shipped it to Syracuse for us.! We're delighted it worked out, too!)

9/3/04: We just wanted to thank you for all you did with helping us plan our wedding. All the dresses were absolutely stunning, and the invitations and programs were beautiful...thank you for all you did in helping my wedding day be absolutely beautiful, and a memory I'll cherish forever.
(Danielle and James, Syracuse)

8/28/04: "I'm so thrilled with my gown, nobody can upset me now. The other place I called told me there was "no way" they could get it in time for my wedding on 9/25/04. It's everything I thought it would be." (Myla, Auburn, NY)

8/18/04: "Thank you for being our bridal consultant, and easing our minds with your availability to answer questions and concerns. Thank you for making sure all of the "little things" were followed up on during the ceremony and reception. It was a pleasure to work with you." Adrianne Tucker, Atlanta, GA.

8/12/03: "I need a particular gown to take with me to Jamaica (as a gift) in one week .. can you get it to me?" .. Jackie, NYC. Indeed, we have it, and we can.

7/28/03: "Your customer service has been excellent. You should be proud." (Karen).

7/18/03: "I'm so thrilled ... you found the dress I've wanted ever since I first saw it in a magazine. I'm so happy, thank you so much. P.S. my gown arrived today .. all the way from the US to England, in just four days! What wonderful service. (Karen G., UK).

5/23/03: "That's the one .. that's it .." We were able to find the gown this bride wanted by her verbal description. (for Kim, a bride-to-be from Utica).

5/18/03: "We're still glowing the day after. What a wonderful time. And thanks so much for all your help. You sure relieved us and taught us about wedding preparation. All the connections were made--no major slip-ups ... And the flowers, champagne and chocolates was such a nice touch. Thanks."(Robin & Paul, Utica)

5/9/03: "We are so pleased to have chosen your services for our wedding on Saturday, 4/26.
It is because of your wonderful services, professionalism and genuine passion for your business that our wedding day celebration was so memorable." (Stephanie & Martin, Syracuse).

5/1/03: Roanna, whose wedding was just 10 days away, wrote us on 4/30 to say that the person who was to do her cake had a conflict, and could not do it. We recommended two local bakeries to her; here's what she said today after making a phone call to them ("The first bakery you recommended is able to help us. "What a relief!! Thank you so much for your wonderful help."

3/31/03: Hi Linda: Received the dress today and it was exactly what we wanted. Thank you so much for all your help and we'll keep you in mind next year for Meg's boyfriend's homecoming and Sr. prom. (Only we'll give you more time to order and get it in.) Signed/Pat ... Maryland. [This special order came from Montreal in under 4 weeks ... working wonders once more with our partners in Canada .. merci beaucoups de Canadien amis!!]

01/28/03: Paul & Robin: We already are so much more relaxed because of all the help you have provided.

01/20/03: Tammy C., Cicero: I got my dress back. It looks great!!!! Thanks for all your help.

12/11/02, Lara Z., Syracuse: I brought my gown in for cleaning. The hem was nearly black all the way around, since we had been outside for photographs. My gown also had chocolate smears and cosmetic stains on it. When it was ready to go out for the professional cleaning and preservation, the gown looked brand new! Linda's handcleaning had removed all the black grime, chocolate and cosmetic smears! I could hardly believe the difference!

12/1/02, Linda and Amy S., Binghamton: You've been absolutely fabulous; we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to others.

7/18/02, Stacey & Da, New Hampshire: ....we were recently married and used the pre-wedding [planning] and Rehearsal/Wedding Day coordination services. Linda's attention to detail is incredible, and her personal care exceeds the highest standards. The wedding was beautiful, and we were able to completely enjoy the day. Nothing at the reception was without her special touch. Shopping at The Bridal Connection not only saved me money, but they helped to make my wedding a dream!"

10/02: Phillip C., Providence: we need a wedding gown in ten days .. can you do it? And of course, we did. It took some hair tearing phone calls, and a lot of help from the folks at Sweetheart gowns, but we got the gown there, in time for alterations!

08/02, Kim S., Canastota: you saved me so much time running around by making everything available at such great prices, saving me money, too! It was worth the little bit of travel.

05/02, Crystal F.: Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. The information you provided will be extremely helpful; it's professionals like you that give us students hope!

04/02, Pat, Oklahoma: I want you to know you were so pleasant and nice to work with -- I will recommend you to others. I will really enjoy wearing the Country Elegance gown I purchased from you.

01/05/02: Katherine & Ross, Atlanta: (We attended their beach wedding in Fla. as guests) ... I cannot begin to thank you enough for the photos and album you sent to Ross and I. I even blew up some of the photos for Ross's Christmas presents! Some of the photos you took were better than the ones the professional photographer got!