Whether this is a commitment ceremony, a first wedding, a "married again" day, a vow renewal or an anniversary celebration, come to us for all you planning and coordination needs. Your perfect day begins here!

If we could show you the way to have a wonderful celebration event, (whether it's a family reunion, corporate event, mitzvah, Sweet 16, shower, rehearsal, wedding, or anniversary event) without all the stress and worry ... what would it be worth to you?

No matter where you are in your planning ---whether you're just starting and don't have a clue where to begin, or perhaps you have some things done, we can help you. With 20+ years experience in event planning and decorating, we know what it takes to make your event easy, beautiful, memorable, A N D - less expensive!

We can help you develop a foundation plan and then let you manage the rest of the event yourself, if that's what you want. OR -- we can design a plan that will give you help where you need it the most. (See some of our sample service plans below.) OR -- just bring us YOUR OWN "to do" list.

We offer the greatest attention to details; taking care of all the worries, leaving you free to enjoy your event!

Our initial consultation (up to one hour) has a small fee, credited back to you on any service plan you choose. And, of course, we do work local or long distance, too!


1. NO restricted, complicated packages; get exactly what YOU want.

2. Complete planning and coordination of all the activities that surround your event including floral designs, music, lighting, equipment rentals, etc.

3. ONE-STOP SHOPPING for everything from gowns and invitations to accessories, jewelry, tiaras, lingerie, favors, decorating rental items, etc. In-stock items means you have quick access to short-order "emergency" bridal needs.

4. Referrals to qualified vendors who will be available for your event.

5. A solid understanding of the catering and event hosting market .. so that ALL your questions can be answered, plainly.

6. AVAILABILITY: to answer your questions and concerns, whether it's 10:30 a.m. or 10:30 p.m.!

Don't struggle with planning your event, when we can show you an easier, happier way to get there! Call The Bridal Connection today...(315)437-0030.

Below are several sample bridal service options to help you have a fabulous day. All can be customized to your needs.

Up to four hours consultation to get you started on
planning your special event. We'll give you a foundation, then
you can do your wedding, your way.

Up to six hours of pre-event planning, and up to four hours day of event coordination services.
Referrals to other qualified service professionals as needed.

Up to twelve hours of pre-event planning, and up to six hours day of coordination services.
Referrals to other qualified service professionals as needed.

Up to two hours on-site coverage for your rehearsal event. We'll assist with practice runs, review a brief list of "to do's" for the "big day" with your bridal party (just in case they're new to this role!)

Up to ten hours of on-site coordination and management of all the details of your wedding day, including reception site cleanup & packing at the end of the day. We'll see that you start your honeymoon worry-free.

We'll arrange for your favors, flowers, and any other decorating work you'd like done at the reception site, including pick-up & return of any rental items. A mileage charge may apply, depending on your event's location. Optional cleanup/packing at the end of the event, so you
can go off to your suite without worrying about your gifts or decorations.

Pricing will be determined at a consultation appointment, once we are aware of the specific details of your event needs and location.

may apply
depending on your event's location.

Thank you for visiting The Bridal Connection today.
Whatever event you're planning, know that experience matters.
Your perfect day begins here.

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